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Initial diagnostic inspection of the issue being reported with recommendations for repairs and replacement if needed.  Topics covered include water chemistry, pool pumps, filters, heaters, lights, saline generators, automation, time clocks, bonding/grounding, main drains, skimmers, returns, chlorinators, pvc plumbing, tile coping, plaster, ladders, and handrails.

Pool Inspections

Complete Pool Inspection includes full summary assessment with leak detection, including photos, recommended repairs and/or replacement, and code compliance referencing.


Leak Detection, Location & Solutions

Caliber provides complete non invasive static inspections of the pool shell and plumbing.  Using hydrophone technology, Caliber will confidently Identify and Locate leaks if they are present. Repair solutions are provided after the initial Identification and Location inspections.

Energy and Safety Audits

Energy Audit

Caliber will evaluate your existing pool filtration system including the pool pump, lights, heater.  An audit will determine if the equipment complies with new regulations and current industry standards and provide solutions for replacement.  

Take a look at Pool Pump Options

Safety Audit

Protect your family and friends from potential dangers regarding your pool.  A pool safety audit will evaluate issues dealing with entrapment, bonding, equipment, and barriers.


Plaster Care

Caliber Plaster Care includes water testing and balancing, plaster start up, maintenance, remedies, restoration, and stain removal as recommend by NPC, Orenda Technologies and SGM.

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